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Before You Buy, Inspect the Sewer Line!

        Sewer lines cannot be seen or inspected without the assistance of specialized camera equipment. Approximately 80% of the main sewer lines inspected in residential homes are found to have issues that need attention or major repairs.

Plumbing repairs can be costly and time-consuming, there could be hidden problem in the sewer lines that the present home owner is unaware about. Unless your plumber has the training and special equipment to find where the problem is, he will have to dig up your yard until he can find where he needs to make the repairs. Repairing the problem is not always what takes the most time or costs the most money – it can be simply FINDING THE PROBLEM.

Most main sewer lines are made from materials that wear out and are prone to damage as the result of seismic activity, tree roots and ground settling. In addition, over 50% of the homes built in Los Angeles were constructed before 1960. The expected useful life (50-60 years) for the majority of the main sewer lines in these homes has already passed. These problems start out small and rapidly grow when the sewer backs up, these problems are inconvenient and unhealthy.

Having a main sewer line inspection is the only way to bring these problems to light thus avoiding back-ups and costly repairs. After all if you are thinking of buying a home shouldn't you have the peace of mind that you and your family deserve! 

Your high-definition Sewer line video Inspection report will include, a report with several photographs of the defects and deficiencies. That were observed in the day of the inspection.

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